24 Feb
This Artificial Leaf Could Help Battle Climate Change This Artificial Leaf Could Help Battle Climate Change

This Artificial Leaf Could Help Battle Climate Change

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The race is on to find a way to save the planet from climate change, so it’s no surprise that scientists are looking at natural processes for answers. The latest innovation has to do with the way leaves create oxygen and energy through photosynthesis.

A team of researchers at the University of Chicago have been working to develop an artificial leaf that can emulate this natural process. They believe the leaf they’ve created would be even better than a natural leaf, proving 10 times more efficient than natural leaves at converting CO2.

This isn’t the first time scientists have attempted an artificial leaf. However, past experiments have been unsuccessful outside the lab environment. This time, the team found a way to make it work in the wild. It involves encapsulating the leaf in a water-filled semipermeable membrane, which allows the water to easily evaporate through the membrane once sunlight hits it.

In addition to water evaporation, the capsule would also allow the leaf to convert CO2 to carbon monoxide and oxygen. Scientists could then extract it the carbon monoxide, using it to make fuels such as gasoline and methanol. At the same time, the oxygen in the capsule could be released into the environment.

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