22 Feb
New Antireflective Coating Could Improve Plastics New Antireflective Coating Could Improve Plastics

New Antireflective Coating Could Improve Plastics

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Plastics have come a long way in recent years, especially when it comes to products like eyeglasses and computer monitors. The antireflection coatings found on certain products are great for reducing glare and keeping eye strain at bay.

A new development could take antireflective coatings to the next level. A group of researchers at Penn State have created an antireflective coating that makes a piece of plastic transparent, meaning that it would look like it isn’t even there. The technology could prove essential to high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles, which deal with an unusual amount of glare. It would also be ideal for the domes that cover security cameras, where glare can obscure the video.

The discovery was made by accident, as researchers were looking for a way to improve the efficiency of solar panels. As the team focused light on high-efficiency solar cells with plastic lenses, they realized they needed a coating that would offset reflections while also being able to withstand the elements. Since they couldn’t find an existing solution, they came up with their own, only to find they’d created a solution that would reduce reflections for other uses. Best of all, the solution they’ve developed is compatible with manufacturing processes, which makes it likely it could be used in a wide variety of applications.

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