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Out with the Old, in with the Youth Out with the Old, in with the Youth

Out with the Old, in with the Youth

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Not in the sense of older or younger people, which would naturally be regarded as an unkind attitude.

Instead, the clearing away refers to older cells in mice that, once removed, could restore youthful qualities.

Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science indicate that it may indeed be possible to preserve the body's young, energetic, and healthy qualities even as we grow into the wisdom of years.

The research involved eliminating senescent cells, which aren't yet dead but have been effectively incapacitated, and which have also been tied to the promotion of inflammation, an aggravating cause of diseases of aging. Mice that displayed a greater accumulation of senescent cells were afflicted by chronic inflammation, looked older, and died younger.

So, the researchers administered a drug to the mice that would effectively inhibit the survival of senescent cells to see if this would result in the removal of the cells from the body. The drug was specifically given to mice whose aging was believed to be caused by immune system malfunctions as well as those showing premature aging due to a different genetic problem.

Mice thus treated appeared to improve, with tissues that took on the appearance of younger mice. They also displayed fewer senescent cells, less inflammation, and were more active and enjoyed a higher median lifespan.

The scientists plan to keep on looking into methods for motivating the human body to clear out old senescent cells, especially to discover ways of prompting the immune system to perform this maintenance task. Should future experimentation validate the scientists' theories, they could succeed in coming up with "anti-aging" treatments.

The results of this research were recently published in the journal Nature Communications.

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