13 Jan
Bees Find More Efficient Way to Count Bees Find More Efficient Way to Count

Bees Find More Efficient Way to Count

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When it comes to counting, bees may be more efficient than humans, according to a recent study. Scientists found that when bees count, they can use only four nerve cells, allowing them to at least count to five.

Humans, on the other hand, use a much less efficient method of counting. The study showed that unlike humans, who look at all items in a group before beginning to count, bees scrutinize one item at a time. The study also found that bees have the ability to choose the smaller or larger of two values or select something with a value of zero, provided they’re trained to do so.

This study disproves the notion that a species with a smaller brain can’t conduct simple tasks like counting. Although other species may incorporate more nerve cells into these computations, this study shows that there are other ways to do things.

In addition to better understanding how insects think, studies like these are useful for artificial intelligence. Experts believe that by studying simpler-minded creatures, technologists may be able to design more efficient algorithms. Instead of mimicking the way humans count, in this case, computers could be programmed to imitate the counting patterns of bees.

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