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Power This Home for Less than $3 Per Year Power This Home for Less than $3 Per Year

Power This Home for Less than $3 Per Year

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A pair of Melbourne-based architectural companies have combined efforts to construct what is believed to be the first 10-star carbon-positive home Down Under.

The stylish abode, which was built with the idea of wasting nothing as well as positively outgrowing its carbon footprint over its lifespan, could result in an annual savings of more than 500 pounds of carbon.

Nat Woods from the Sociable Weaver, one of the two architectural firms, recently told New Atlas, "We  like to call it the full sustainability package deal."

That would be a full-package deal that's anticipated by the Social Weaver to run the occupants about $2.35 USD ($3 AUD) per year to power.

Woods tells NA that the building's passive solar design helps to keep energy costs low. And an inventive insulating technology also helps to hold in heat.

"Even on a cold Victorian winter's day the home is still noticeably warm inside without the need for any mechanical heating," says Woods.

In addition, the home sports 5 kW of solar panels on the roof, a heat pump water service, double-glazed windows, LED lighting, a 2,642-gallon rainwater tank, and non-toxic furnishings.

There's a commodious modern kitchen that flows into dining and living areas. Sizable floor-to-ceiling windows provide a beautiful coastal view. Neutral furnishing colors and open design help the whole house to fit in with its natural surroundings.

"As soon as you step inside you feel relaxed and at peace – which is fantastic seeing as we use the home as our office!", Woods adds.

The energy efficient home is valued at $490,000 AUD, or about $386,000 USD, and is open for public viewing -- something that may inspire other builders to follow suit.

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