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Ordering Your Own Tricked-Out Submarine Ordering Your Own Tricked-Out Submarine

Ordering Your Own Tricked-Out Submarine

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"The hoovering capabilities of the NEYK are second to none," reads a blurb on the Web site of Ocean Submarines, which bills itself as specializing in the development and designs of underwater craft -- particularly those, it appears, for the private use and enjoyment of the uber-wealthy.

One of the company's projects, for instance, involved the building of an entirely new line of submarines that boasted a length of 64 feet that could plunge to depths of 1,000 feet.

Below this description, a large photo depicts one of the company's submarines nestled alongside of an anchored yacht, with a person stepping onto the sub's deck. While the sub looks dramatically smaller by comparison, 60+ feet of length is nothing to sneeze about. Nor is the well-appointed interior.

A photo of the bow section shows a pair of bucket-style seats separated by a space that houses navigational controls. Straight ahead, there's an oval-shaped Acrylate dome window that afford the two occupants of the front section a splendid view of marine life. Windows along each person's side amplify the view. And each of the two pilots can take advantage of a multifunctional color display.

The NEYK possesses the ability to stay in one place, thanks to a couple of thrusters on the tower of the dome that provide up- and down-force. This can happen in an entirely computerized fashion.

Th Luxury model of the sub boasts 5 to 8 tons of payload and can travel at 11 knots on the surface and 15 knots submerged. The main batteries can be charged in one hour.

The Sun newspaper profiled a tricked-out Luxury version of the NEYK sub that would cost approximately £20 million.

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