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New Immunotherapy Could End Organ Transplant Rejection New Immunotherapy Could End Organ Transplant Rejection

New Immunotherapy Could End Organ Transplant Rejection

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Organ transplant recipients spend the days following their operations worrying that their bodies will reject the new organ. But a new type of immunotherapy created by a team at Mount Sanai could reduce that risk. The therapy relies on nanotechnology, which can target the cells that initiate the immune response that leads to the organ rejection.

The rejection happens when the myeloid cells activate T-cells that attack the new organ. The medical community is already aware of this process, which is why organ transplants now take drugs that suppress that immune response. Unfortunately, those drugs can put patients at risk for infection and cancer.

With the new nano-immunotherapy, the body fights against this trained immunity. It directly targets those myeloid cells, but it doesn’t touch the T-cells, keeping the body’s immune response in check. The team tested its new therapy on mice that were having heart transplant surgery. Without even taking anti-rejection drugs, 100 days later, 75 percent of mice taking the nano-immunotherapy had not rejected their heart transplants. But all of the mice that hadn’t undergone the immunotherapy or taken any anti-rejection medications rejected their new organs within 10 days. Of those that had the anti-rejection therapy, half rejected the new organs within 50 days.

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