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Might Two-Thirds of the Universe Not Exist? Might Two-Thirds of the Universe Not Exist?

Might Two-Thirds of the Universe Not Exist?

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A currently recognized benchmark for how the universe started and grew indicates that the day-to-day matter people deal with comprises approximately five per cent of the density of the universe. Dark matter, says the Lambda Cold Dark Matter (Lambda-CDM) model, makes up 27 per cent, and dark energy 68 per cent.

That last element refers to an as-yet-unproven force that is believed to be what keeps the universe expanding. Now, a new study asks whether the force exists.

Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, which was published in 1915, states that the universe was created by a Big Bang almost 14 billion years ago. However, the equations used to create Einstein's theory are complex to the point that when models work off simplified iterations of them, minor discrepancies can quickly morph into gigantic differences.

A report by New Atlas quotes Dr. László Dobos, co-author of the new study, as confirming that when scientists use the simpler formulas, that practice "may introduce serious side effects, such as the need for dark energy, in the models designed to fit the observational data."

The report goes on to note that dark energy has only been inferred by noticing its apparent influence on other elements. Because of this, it becomes a convenient part of models that have unexplained holes. Which, naturally, doesn't mean it exists.

The new study looked at these issues by mimicking how gaps in the universe that are seemingly devoid of matter, along with known structures, would be affected by gravity. They discovered that different parts of the universe would expand at varying rates as opposed to the whole structure expanding uniformly.

The study was published by the Royal Astronomical Society.

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