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Plastic Water Bottles Could Someday Insulate Your Walls Plastic Water Bottles Could Someday Insulate Your Walls

Plastic Water Bottles Could Someday Insulate Your Walls

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Every minute, approximately one million plastic bottles are purchased across the globe, with only 23 percent of bottles in the U.S. making their way to the recycle bin. All of that waste pollutes waterways and harms ocean life. Although consumers have been urged to reduce, reuse, and recycle, bottled water waste is still an ongoing issue.

In recent years, scientists have turned their attention to trying to find a way to convert discarded plastic water bottles into useful resources. The most recent of those studies was conducted by scientists in Singapore, who say they’ve found a way to convert plastic bottles into aerogels, which are diverse enough to be used in a variety of ways. Those ways include thermal insulation and absorption.

The discovery means converted plastic water bottles could possibly be used to insulate buildings for heat and sound or absorb oil spills. Eventually, water-converted aerogels could be repurposed into firefighter uniforms, serving as the insulation that emergency professionals need.

In addition to being multifunctional, aerogels would also be more cost-effective than the resources they would replace. The trick would be to convince more consumers to recycle their water bottles so that they could be made into aerogels – an ongoing challenge for environmentalists.

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