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Why A Switch to Wind Energy Would Heat Up the Earth Why A Switch to Wind Energy Would Heat Up the Earth

Why A Switch to Wind Energy Would Heat Up the Earth

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Wind turbines have long been recommended as an alternative to traditional energy sources. The goal is to reduce the impact of global warming on the Earth’s resources. However, a new study reveals that heavy reliance on wind power could heat the Earth’s surface by an average of 0.24 degrees Celsius.

Wind already powers about 6.5 percent of the Earth’s energy, but environmentalists are hoping to increase that. The study looked at the impact of relying exclusively on wind turbines for electricity, a scenario that is unlikely to happen. According to the researchers behind the study, wind turbines mix the boundary layer of air, redistributing heat into the atmosphere.

It’s highly unlikely America will invest in a complete switch to wind turbines anyway, since doing so would require a significant investment of land. The size of the wind farms necessary to power a complete switch to wind energy would be five to 20 times greater than scientists originally thought it would.

Although wind turbines do have this unappealing impact, scientists emphasize that it’s still far better than coal or gas. Each type of low-carbon technology has an environmental impact of some type, the researchers point out, but they’re all better alternatives to more traditional energy sources.

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