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Is Apple lost without Steve?

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On 27th March, Standard and Poor’s 500 Index that tracks 30 big name companies, was about to set a record for all-time high. It could’ve easily broken its record of 1,565.15 points set in 2007 if it wasn’t for that most valuable company in Cupertino-Apple. A year ago, this might have sounded incredulous. But today, this reality has made everyone, from investors to consumers, almost believe what they have been fearing all along-that Apple may not continue to be Apple anymore.

If “above and beyond expectations” is only a clichéd term used in employee handbooks, here is a company that lived by this mantra. Consistently defying expectations, delivering products that changed our world and making lot of money for its investors. The only way they did this for so many years is by innovating. Google has its bread and butter offering- Search. Facebook has its billion strong user base. But the only way Apple can continue to bring in a regular stream of revenues is by innovating. Sure, the company is still strong, but in this fickle mobile-driven world, will the customers stick around if Apple was just a company that made cool mobile gadgets? The almost fanatical love that Apple inspires in its users is because it makes them feel cutting-edge. Will they feel the same if Apple continues to bring only newer versions of the same old products?

After losing it’s charismatic and maverick founder Steve Jobs, many feared Apple will turn into a giant tech behemoth driven by markets. And it has been a while since we saw some revolutionary Apple product. Where’s that new toy that will make users line up and camp overnight outside Apple stores? I know it is hard to live up to such extraordinary standards of expectations. But it’s Apple, should we expect anything less?

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