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How 10 Minutes of Meditation Can Boost Your Brain How 10 Minutes of Meditation Can Boost Your Brain

How 10 Minutes of Meditation Can Boost Your Brain

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The benefits of meditation have been well documented. However, setting a half an hour a day or more aside for sitting still can seem daunting to those who are busy. Fortunately, a new study reveals that 10 minutes per day may be all you need to improve your cognitive function.

Published in Scientific Reports, the study revealed that those 10 minutes improved the brain’s efficiency, making it easier for a person to accomplish tasks like concentration and information retention. In order to prove its thesis, the study also debunked information from previous meditation studies

The researchers divided a group of 34 participants into two groups. The first group spent eight weeks practicing mindfulness meditation while the second group performed muscle relaxation exercises. Through its exercises, the team found that previous studies had cognitive tasks that were so simple, it was easy for both groups to complete them successfully. This research project chose more complicated tasks, to noticeable differences.

For those who meditated, accuracy increased by 9 percent when compared to the control group, demonstrating an improvement in concentration and working memory. Those who were only doing muscle relaxation exercises showed no improvement in those areas whatsoever.

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