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Russian Facility Seeks Funding to Clone Extinct Animals Russian Facility Seeks Funding to Clone Extinct Animals

Russian Facility Seeks Funding to Clone Extinct Animals

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If sci-fi adventure films teach us anything, it’s that technology can easily go awry. Jurassic Park is a prime example of that, since the manmade dinosaurs that populated the fictional park in the movie and book ended up going on attack. But that doesn’t stop scientists from giving it a try in real life.

The Northern-Eastern Federal University of Yakutsk has requested $5.9 million to create a facility that would clone recently-unearthed corpses preserved in permafrost. These creatures have been preserved from the Ice Age, making them fascinating to study. However, the facility would create living, breathing clones.

The request for funds for the facility has led to conversation in the scientific community about the future of such cloning. Could, for example, a zoo and safari be created to house clones of extinct animals from centuries ago? Called de-extinction parks, these facilities are actually in the process of becoming a reality, as evidence by the recent request.

Experts argue that these facilities would be just as much a chance to see the creatures as to see how man has recreated the creatures. If the plan moves forward, someday tourists would be able to explore the past by seeing living animals, rather than fossils.

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