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Fasting Produces Anti-Aging Molecule Fasting Produces Anti-Aging Molecule

Fasting Produces Anti-Aging Molecule

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Researchers led by a team from Georgia State University recently announced that they had discovered a molecule that is created by people while they are fasting or on a reduced-calorie diet produces anti-aging effects on the human vascular system -- potentially reducing the severity of ailments that are connected to blood vessels, such as cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Ming-Hui Zou, senior author of the study and director of the Center for Molecular and Translational Medicine at Georgia State, said in a press release, “We found this compound, β-Hydroxybutyrate, can delay vascular aging. That’s actually providing a chemical link between calorie restriction and fasting and the anti-aging effect. It can prevent one type of cell aging called senescence, or cellular aging.”

Cells classified as senescent don't possess the ability to divide and multiple. The researchers discovered that β-Hydroxybutyrate can boost cell division and keep this kind of cell from growing older. Since this molecule is created when people are either fasting or on calorie restrictions, it is possibly suppressed when people become obese or overeat This, in turn, is believed to contribute to the speeding up of aging.

Zou noted that he and his team are trying to locate a novel chemical that can simulate the impact of β-Hydroxybutyrate's function, adding, "It’s difficult to convince people not to eat for the next 24 hours to increase the concentration of this compound (β-Hydroxybutyrate), and not everybody can do that, but if we can find something that can mimic this effect and people can still eat, it would make life more enjoyable and help fight disease."

Researchers hope to continue their work by enlivening the vascular system to combat cardiovascular disease.

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