29 Sep

We Now Have the First Detailed Map of Antarctica

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Although Antarctica is an important part of the planet, playing an essential role in climate change, not nearly enough information is known about it. In fact, one scientist recently pointed out that until recently, we had better maps of Mars than we did of Antarctica.

That has now changed. Working together, a team of researchers at Ohio State University recently created the most detailed map of Antarctica in existence. However, putting together the map, called the Reference Elevation Model of Antarctica (REMA), was a bit of a challenge. The team had to compile all of the information provided by satellites flying over the area, which involved matching high-resolution images up to make sure the layout was captured accurately.

This gathering of photos means that not only is the map extremely visually detailed, but it’s also extremely large in size. In fact, the map’s digital footprint is more than 150 terabytes. That means it would take 2,300 of today’s smartphones to hold the image.

This map could prove very valuable in the future, as scientists attempt to determine how Antarctica has changed over time. As changes in the ice emerge, environmental scientists will be able to learn more about how the rest of the planet may be affected by climate change.

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