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A Complete Camping Kit for a Backpack A Complete Camping Kit for a Backpack

A Complete Camping Kit for a Backpack

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Hiking in the backcountry often involves navigating tight spaces, uneven terrain, and all manner of tree branches, shrubs, and other naturally occurring obstacles.

So, it makes sense to carry as few items as possible -- or at least, to carry items that take up very little space. Since any journey into the backcountry requires a number of items for safety and survival, making the most of every square millimeter of backpack space and economizing on the weight of items carried is essential.

The Osprey Levity 45 offers a camper the chance to achieve these goals by holding what amounts to a "compressed camp" that should weigh no more than about 9 pounds.

The pack holds 12 gallons' worth of material, which amounts to a significant haul. Some of the items suggested for inclusion, according to a review by Popular Science:

  • REI Quarter Dome 1 tent, which has a sleeping space the size of a twin bed but can also be packed down to 18.5 by 6 inches. There's even a removable waterproof cover.
  • The Marmot Phase 30 cocoon-type sleeping bag boasts the capacity to keep the inhabitant warm down to 30 degrees below Fahrenheit. And it packs down to the size of a football.
  • An inflatable Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite mattress provides 2.5 inches of cushioned comfort between the user and ground surfaces. Once deflated, it packs down to a size of about 4 by 9 inches.
  • Black Diamond Distance Carbon FLZ trekking poles can be adjusted to varying lengths while in use -- and also broken down into a 13-inch three-piece assembly tied together by a Kevlar card.
  • And a Petzl Tekkina headlamp provides all the illumination one should need.


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