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UPS Testing Smart Lock Tech in Multi-Unit Buildings UPS Testing Smart Lock Tech in Multi-Unit Buildings

UPS Testing Smart Lock Tech in Multi-Unit Buildings

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If delivery drivers can have the ability to access smart lock technology to deliver a package to a single family home, why not multiple units in condo and apartment complexes?

United Parcel Service (UPS) is about to find out how well that kind of delivery system might work. And the company isn't choosing an out-of-the-way test market to get the ball rolling on the multiple delivery idea.

Instead, UPS has decided to introduce its new experiment in the land of high population density, New York City. The test, says a Reuters report, will include “hundreds of non-doorman” multi-family structures in Brooklyn and Manhattan that have installed the “smart access system” from Latch.

The experiment is part of the UPS company plan to streamline and capitalize upon the "last mile" of e-commerce deliveries. It would also help everyone's bottom line if package thefts could be reduced or eliminated, and if drivers didn't have to make repeated delivery attempts to homes and apartments.

Jerome Roberts, vice president of global product innovation at UPS, told Reuters, “It’s difficult to securely deliver packages in high-density, multi-family urban residences, especially when people are not at home."

UPS entered into a partnership with NYC startup Latch so that its drivers could open entry doors by using a handheld device that would generate a different access code for each structure along a route. And every driver entry would generate a traceable record.

UPS and competitor FedEx Corp have invested billions of dollars to bolster their networks in light of ever-growing numbers of e-commerce deliveries, which cost more to complete at residences than businesses because drivers typically leave more packages at offices and businesses than at homes.

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