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BBVA Unveils 'Selfie' Payments System BBVA Unveils 'Selfie' Payments System

BBVA Unveils 'Selfie' Payments System

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In an initiative to increase its technological prowess, multinational Spanish banking group BBVA has decided to combine its i4S and Beeva business units to create an entity known as BBVA Next Technologies.

According to a company press release, the 1200 workers assigned to the new business will focus on a multitude of areas, including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and cloud computing.

One new feature the company is touting is its facial recognition technology, recently unveiled as a facial recognition payment system.

Here's how it works: Customers visiting the bank’s eateries need only smile in the direction of a camera located near the cash registers (they can also look without a smile, if that's how they're feeling at the moment). Then, assuming they've registered for the service, the system determines their identity and automatically sends them a bill for the items purchased.

Which suggests that it might be wise to scope out those camera locations before unsuspectingly sauntering up to the register -- only to have your dining companions duck behind you as your face is recognized and you're stuck with the bill.

For the time being,  the company says that there system will only assign payments for "pre-set meals and drinks." However, the next version should permit the system to automatically scan a customer's tray and then bill them for what it detects.

Again, fair warning to anyone whose dining companion nonchalantly tosses an item on their tray while explaining that theirs "just doesn't have enough room."

The system will also allow customers of the bank's cafes to use the Selfie & Go app to pre-order their drinks, and the system will automatically bill them at pick-up.

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