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Scientists Work to Prove the Future Can Affect Today Scientists Work to Prove the Future Can Affect Today

Scientists Work to Prove the Future Can Affect Today

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It’s only natural to assume that the future can have no effect whatsoever on what happens today, since it’s still ahead of us. For decades, though, physicists have worked to prove that what happens to particles in the future can actually impact particles today – an affect called retrocausality.

The theory is so fascinating, Einstein even tackled it. In the end, he disagreed, coining it, “spooky action at a distance,” but scientists aren’t so sure. Recently two physicists dug into the theory of retrocausality, with experts comparing particles to a blurry cloud, rather than billiard balls running down a table. As such, a particle may very well have the ability to impact the past as well as the future.

Another research project, as documented in the journal Nature, demonstrated the concept of “Quantum Entanglement.” Over the years, many physicists have proven the existence of Quantum Entanglement, which is when particles become so interwoven that they can affect other particles, even when they span large chunks of time and space.

Retrocausality takes Quantum Entanglement a step further, stipulating that something that has happened to a particle decades from now could affect particles today. The most recent team of researchers said that unless we can prove that time only runs in one direction, we cannot rule retrocausality out.

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