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A Wine Cellar Miracle A Wine Cellar Miracle

A Wine Cellar Miracle

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As the world continues to anticipate and adjust to new expectations for how products are viewed, purchased, and delivered, it seems more of an achievable reality to get anything you want delivered anywhere at any time. For, naturally, any price.

A new offering announced by Sotheby's would seem to align to this overall trend -- though on a much larger scale.

The company, famous for its auctioneering services, will provide what is being billed as an "instant wine cellar" to customers in Hong Kong and New York, with all bottles delivered within 24 hours of having been ordered.

This could prove a perfect fit for those who, having recently bought a trophy home and having also invited hundreds of people over for a spurious housewarming, need a spur-of-the-moment cellar to complete the abode's overall atmosphere. After all, who would want to tour a friend's newly purchased luxury home if the wine cellar (there is a wine cellar, correct?) were, how shall one say, disappointingly lacking in substantive inventory?

The service, priced to start at $5,000 for 50 bottles, is advertised as "curated," with wines having been selected by experts.

Need more than 50 bottles? No problem. reports that Sotheby's also offers also a 72-bottle "intermediate" cellar for $10,000 and a 168-bottle collection for $25,000.

For those connoisseurs who would like to purchase an Instant Cellar for the purposes of investment (hey, some people like to stay in their mansions longer than an ordinary sipping collection might allow), Sotheby's sells a 90-bottle special collection for $25,000.

Residents of Honk Kong can order cellars of 46 bottles for HK$33,000, or step up to an "intermediate" cellar of 62 bottles for HK$70,000.

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