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Take a Physical Exam from the Comfort of Your Home Take a Physical Exam from the Comfort of Your Home

Take a Physical Exam from the Comfort of Your Home

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Billed as "[t]he only Telehealth visit with a physical exam," TytoHome aims to provide comprehensive medical exams whenever and wherever people need them.

Here's how it works: First, the patient takes a Tyto exam via a machine, which uses "built-in guidance" to provide accurate readings. Next, the patient can forward that information to a physician for review; if a live video exam is preferred, that can take the place of forwarding recorded data.

Patients can receive exams that focus on heart health, heart rate, lungs, ears, skin, throat, and abdomen. Temperature readings can also be taken through a no-touch infrared basal thermometer.

Tyto is intended to help in four major ways:

  • Convenience – There's no need to make appointments months in advance or waste time in germ-riddled emergency rooms.
  • Peace of Mind – Rather than agonize about whether an emergency room visit is necessary, patients can quickly ascertain whether they need to take swift action or, if the news is good, go back to whatever they were doing...including getting a good night's sleep.
  • Confidence – The customer-friendly technology helps to guarantee that accurate exam information is gathered each and every time.
  • Advanced Technology – And the technology is also sophisticated and secure enough that patients can be assured that they are receiving the same quality of exam that they'd get in person at a clinic -- with all information safely shared with their physicians.

Introductory pricing for TytoHome starts at $299 for customers and $999 for professionals; usage and platform fees for the TytoPro system are extra.

The company says that it is "currently launching TytoCare with select health systems, employers, providers, and telehealth partners."

Consumers can pre-order their devices by filling out an online form.

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