21 May
One Ring to Rule All Your Devices, Entry Points One Ring to Rule All Your Devices, Entry Points

One Ring to Rule All Your Devices, Entry Points

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So far, wearables have been limited to bracelets, but innovators are working hard to build them into other products. One of those is a ring that could provide the same access as other wearables. Token is an early version of this new type of wearable, serving as a smart ring that can replace the need to carry keys, credit cards, access badges, or transit passes around with you. The ring can also replace passwords to give you easy access to all your devices.

The ring doesn’t automatically perform all those functions, though. Ring wearers will activate various features through certain gestures. You could, for instance, knock on a door to make it suddenly unlock.

If security is a concern, Token has accounted for that, as well. The ring is activated by scanning your fingerprint on a biometric reader just before you slide it on your finger. As soon as the ring leaves your finger, it automatically locks, so you won’t have to worry about losing it and having it fall into the wrong hands.

Although the ring isn’t set to ship until December, preorders are being taken now. You’ll need to join the waitlist on the company’s website to sign up for your own ring.

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