11 May
Robotic Golf Caddy Gives Golfers Freedom Robotic Golf Caddy Gives Golfers Freedom

Robotic Golf Caddy Gives Golfers Freedom

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Golfers face a dilemma each time they arrive at the golf course. One option is to pay to rent a golf cart, giving them something to help carry their clubs around. But many golfers prefer to walk from one hole to the next, forcing them to either carry their golf clubs or pay for a caddy to do it.

A former BP executive may have come up with the perfect solution to a classic golfer dilemma. Tim Doane has created an autonomous robot that takes over the responsibility of carrying golf clubs. The device, called Rover, runs on three wheels and is self-propelled, which means you can enjoy your game without worrying about getting your clubs from one hole to the next.

Rover has been in development for seven years, with help from business innovation firm Nottingham Spirk. The technology requires the golfer to wear a small transmitter on his or her belt. That then connects to Rover, which follows wherever the transmitter goes, keeping an approximate distance of four feet. Thanks to sensors, it can avoid ramming into objects like trees and polls.

One of the best features of Rover may be its weight. The 95-pound form means it can climb hills even in rainy conditions—something a golf cart can’t do.

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