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A.I. Used to Read Human Mind A.I. Used to Read Human Mind

A.I. Used to Read Human Mind

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Technology can do many things, but it has not yet been able to read human thought. But a team of scientists in Japan has found a way to use artificial intelligence to decode a person’s brain. This goes beyond previously uses of A.I. to turn brain scans into visualizations of what a person was thinking while looking at various images.

With the new technique, scientists can go deeper in analyzing those scans, differentiating a person’s thoughts when looking at more complex images. Using A.I. the team has been working on recreating a person’s thoughts, which is helping them learn more about the way people process images. They found that the brain takes in an image in a hierarchy, gathering data in levels. The new process also lets computers detect objects rather than only pixels.

To gather data, the team showed three study participants various images during a ten-month period. In some cases, the brains of study subjects were studied immediately while in others, brain activity was studied afterward, as participants were asked to recall the image they’d just seen.

One interesting finding was that the more complex the image, the more difficulty participants had recalling it. The human brain has difficulty remembering every small detail of a cheetah or a fish, for example.

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