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New Syringe Can Stop Bleeding Using Expandable Sponges New Syringe Can Stop Bleeding Using Expandable Sponges

New Syringe Can Stop Bleeding Using Expandable Sponges

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“Bleeding out” is a serious risk with gun and knife wounds, since stopping that blood flow can be a challenge for first responders. But a new syringe can reduce that risk, since it contains small cellulose sponges capable of expanding to as much as 15 times their normal size once exposed to blood.

Using the syringe at a scene, a medical professional can prevent blood from exiting a wound, instigating clotting when it wouldn’t normally happen. Once inside a wound, the sponge can be easily spotted by x-ray, making it easy to remove during surgery. The company that manufactures the device also got approval for a smaller version, which could be used in treating less serious cases.

Unfortunately, the devices aren’t cheap. Each syringe costs approximately $100 and a prescription is required. But when in the hands of first responders, they could save lives. Research has shown that between 30 and 40 percent of all traumatic injury deaths occur as a result of blood loss. More than half of those fatalities occur before first responders can get the victim to the hospital. This device was previously approved for military use, but now can be used in extreme life-jeopardizing situations.

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