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Floating Home Features Eco-Friendly Design Floating Home Features Eco-Friendly Design

Floating Home Features Eco-Friendly Design

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Waterfront property can be extremely expensive. The land itself sells for a premium. But a new eco-friendly solution can give homeowners a house without the land, resting atop the water. Known as the EcoFloLife WaterNest, the homes are approximately 328 square feet and made almost entirely from recyclable materials.

But eco-friendliness is only part of the WaterNest’s appeal. Since these homes rest atop water, they feature waterfront views and natural lighting, thanks to built-in skylights. Additionally, the homes utilize natural energy sources due to photovoltaic panels that are built into the roof of the building. The panels are able to provide as much as four kWp of electricity to the home.

Each WaterNest includes a bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom, offering comfortable living for one to two people. But the WaterNest doesn’t just work as a house. It can also be built for office space or a restaurant, lounge, shop, or exhibition space.

Furniture and accessories can be purchased from the EcoFloLife catalog. Each item is eco-friendly and designed to go with the interior design of the WaterNest. Although the exterior is built from water-safe materials, the interior features warm, friendly, home-like flooring and walls that make it comfortable for living.

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