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New Water Bottle Self Destructs After Drinking New Water Bottle Self Destructs After Drinking

New Water Bottle Self Destructs After Drinking

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Discarded plastic bottles are a serious risk to the environment, with the World Economic Forum reporting that by 2050, the Earth’s oceans will contain more plastic than fish. But a new invention from a product design student in Iceland offers an innovative solution. AriJónsson’s revolutionary water bottle actually decomposes once it’s been tossed in the trash.

While water is still inside, the bottle holds its shape. However, as soon as its contents are empty, the bottle begins to decompose. The technology works because the bottle is made from a mixture of algae and water, which relies heavily on water inside in order to retain its shape.

One negative of the new bottle type is that the water can take on a salty taste if it’s allowed to rest inside the bottle for a while. Perhaps most interesting is the fact that the bottle itself is edible, with the taste being compared to seaweed-flavored Jello.

Unfortunately, you can’t find the bottle on grocery stores just yet. Currently, it’s only a concept. Jónsson hopes that, at the very least, scientists and environmentalists will take a look at the design and begin to think about ways the technology can be put to use in product development.

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