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Drones Could Offer the Help Agriculture Needs Drones Could Offer the Help Agriculture Needs

Drones Could Offer the Help Agriculture Needs

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Drones have become popular with hobbyists interested in capturing flyover video of local attractions. But the advanced tech gadgets have proven useful in a variety of industries, especially agriculture.

Also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, drones can cover a large distance quickly while also taking up very little airspace. At the same time, demands on the agricultural field will only continue to grow as the world’s population increases. Experts anticipate that by the year 2050, consumption of agricultural products will grow by as much as 70 percent, challenging farmers and manufacturers to keep up.

Crop spraying and irrigation are two of the most obvious uses for drones, since sprayers could easily be attached. But drones go beyond merely spraying. They can fan out over a large area to check the status of crops, as well as determine where water needs to be applied. With the use of drones, farmers may be able to detect signs of infection long before it becomes a problem, helping reduce loss.

These are all still future concepts, though. Currently the industry is trying to determine what data would need to be collected and how to easily get that information based on images captured by the drones as they travel around.

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