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Nokia Introduces Smart Jacket for First Responders Nokia Introduces Smart Jacket for First Responders

Nokia Introduces Smart Jacket for First Responders

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The company, known for having come up with various non-traditional products over the years (including a touchscreen composed of ice), introduced its latest innovation at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018.

Known as the CHASE LifeTech FR (that all stands for Connected Health and Safety Equipment LifeTech First Responders), the smart garment was developed with Kolon, a fashion brand from South Korea, and Czech Republic-based software developer GINA.

The jacket's day-glow yellow color resembles that worn by many firefighters and police, but its high-tech features set it apart from an ordinary emergency-worker garment.

According to a review from Engadget, the jacket boasts modular sensors that permit the user to tap into information such as motion, heart rate, temperature, and location/GPS. The upside of all of those modules is that they can be traded out to suit the wearer's needs -- so that a firefighter could opt for a temperature sensor and a policeman could exchange that for, say, a body cam.

Information collected by the garment is transmitted to a centralized location. There, a software management system from GINA pores over the data to better keep track of the location of first responders. Information from the sensors could be used to pinpoint a missing responder and even notify supervisors that an emergency worker is likely to experience fatigue after toiling for a certain amount of hours.

In addition, the CHASE LifeTech FR includes conductive fabrics, GORE-TEX materials intended to be breathable, comfortable, and waterproof, and 3M reflective details tailored to first-responder specifications. Pop-out sensors mean that the jacket can be laundered like a normal one.

And while the garment is in the wash, emergency workers can charge their modules through microUSB.

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