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Wearable Robot Restores Mobility to Paralyzed Limbs Wearable Robot Restores Mobility to Paralyzed Limbs

Wearable Robot Restores Mobility to Paralyzed Limbs

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For the many patients who are rendered paralyzed at some point, the loss of simple functions like hand movements can be debilitating. But a new wearable robot can restore that mobility, allowing someone who has paralysis due to a stroke or other event to grip items, lift objects, and even use a toothbrush.

The robot, called the Exo-Glove Poly, is made of a polymer that is both comfortable and easy to clean. The wearer merely slips the glove onto the affected hand, hooking it over a thumb, index finger, and middle finger, and an internal motor moves wires in the glove for maneuverability.

In addition to wearing the glove, the patient will need to hook the actuation system to a nearby wheelchair or table.

Thanks to the flexible silicon used to make the glove, it also has the ability to stretch, which means it can fit a variety of hand sizes. A separate button allows the glove’s wearer to communicate intention to the glove, so that when pressed, the desired muscles are activated. The development team behind Exo-Glove Poly is currently looking into more efficient ways to execute these commands, including voice activation and a wrist-based sensor.

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