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Cell Phone Companies Ready to Roll Out 5G Technology Cell Phone Companies Ready to Roll Out 5G Technology

Cell Phone Companies Ready to Roll Out 5G Technology

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When 4G cell phone technology launched in 2010, it promised more reliable networks and better sound quality. Now, eight years later, it seems cellular networks are long overdue for a move to the next generation, which will bring faster download speeds and better video call quality.

That long-awaited upgrade seems to be just around the corner. The biggest brands in mobile have recently announced they’ll be releasing 5G phones in 2019, including LG, Sony, and HTC. Each of these phones will reportedly feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5GR modem, which will give phones the technology they need to support 5G.

In addition to faster download speeds and improved call quality, Qualcomm hopes to change the way customers connect. With 5G phones, customers will be instantly connected to public Wi-Fi and the cloud. Additionally, the next generation of cell phone technology will also support ultra-high-definition video and 360-degree video streaming.

The only problem is that cell networks may not provide 5G speeds right away. Qualcomm is currently working with the largest carriers to make sure those speeds are available as soon as possible, but there are no promises that the technology will be in place when the phones hit the market.

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