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Volkswagen Working on Self-Driving Car with No Steering Wheel Volkswagen Working on Self-Driving Car with No Steering Wheel

Volkswagen Working on Self-Driving Car with No Steering Wheel

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The concept car, known as the I.D. Vizzion, is the fourth in VW's I.D. collection. And like the others, the low-profile sedan is designed for both speed and power.

There are no pedals or steering wheel; rather, the driver is free to enjoy the ride and interact with passengers.

How? By interacting as needed with the vehicle's automated host through voice or gesture control. According to Volkswagen, the virtual assistant will have knowledge of “the personal preferences of the vehicle guests” in ways that permit the Vizzion’s “digital ecosystem” to adjust to each of them.

A report from The Verge says that "the I.D. Vizzion sounds like could let each vehicle guest (there it is!) zone out to their own preferred entertainment, all while having the car dial in the perfect seat position, climate controls, and other preferences."

Equipped with a 111kWh battery pack, the car can travel a maximum of 413 miles (665 kilometers) on a single charge. A pair of electric motors provide enough power to equal about 302 horsepower, with a top speed of 112 mph (180 kph).

VW recently partnered with Aurora Innovations to power Sedric, the car-maker's initial autonomous vehicle concept.

More about VW's "virtual chauffeur" from VW’s chief digital officer, Johann Jungwirth: "The primary focus right now of this partnership is the Sedric family of urban pods, urban shuttles, and so on, and other vehicles specifically designed and purpose built for mobility as a service. [That’s] not to be mixed up with the rest of the 360 models of vehicles our brands have in their portfolio, now and with next generations."

In other words, stay tuned as the Vizzion prepares for its unveiling.

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