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Patagonia’s Platform Links People to Local Worthy Causes Patagonia’s Platform Links People to Local Worthy Causes

Patagonia’s Platform Links People to Local Worthy Causes

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For nearly four decades, says the company's web site, outfitter Patagonia has thrown its support behind grassroots activists looking to find practical solutions to various environmental issues.

"But in this time of unprecedented threats," the pitch for Patagonia Action Works continues, "it’s often hard to know the best way to get involved. That’s why we’re connecting individuals with our grantees, to take action on the most pressing issues facing the world today."

The new initiative has been created in order to build bridges between people and organizations that are committed to the same environmental causes in their community. It is hoped that, through Patagonia Action Works, anyone with a serious interest in getting involved with environmental causes can translate their concern into concrete action, thereby strengthening the causes of environmental groups and individuals alike.

Patagonia Action Works provides lists of events happening in an interested person's specific region or area; permits the signing of petitions that support issues of concern to individuals; connects a person's specific skills with nearby organizations that can make good use of them; and, operates a donation portal for local causes.

The company says that, since 1985, it has given $89 million to grantees in the areas of water, biodiversity, land, communities, and climate.

In fact, Patagonia stresses that it "funds only environmental work," handing out grants to organizations that zero in on the central causes of problems and that make a commitment to change for the long term.

And since the company believes that the straightest route to substantive change is via grassroots organizing and action, its funding naturally goes to groups that have fostered and maintained a worthy foundation of citizen support.

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