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Solar Cooling Could Begin in 2020 Solar Cooling Could Begin in 2020

Solar Cooling Could Begin in 2020

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By 2050, the sun is expected to be seven percent cooler, a process that could begin as early as 2020. The process, called solar cooling, is caused by a periodic event known as a grand minimum and experts say there’s no reason for concern.

The most recent grand minimum occurred in the mid-1600s and was called the Maunder Minimum. It happened during a time when parts of the Earth reached temperatures that led to the period being called the Little Ice Age, which started in 1300 and lasted until 1850. The cooling was not uniform across the planet, with Europe cooling while areas like Alaska experienced warmer weather.

Scientists doubt this grand minimum will cause temperature extremes. At most, the Earth will see cooling of only .25 percent between 2020 and 2070. This means those who are hoping the cooling will counteract some of the effects of global warming will likely be disappointed. It may slow it down, though, which could still be better news than the alternative.

A grand minimum occurs when solar cycles experience lower-than-normal levels of activity over a period of years. Although solar cycles happen during a grand minimum, they are lower in intensity. The change in these solar cycles has been associated with climate change over the years.

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