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Stem Cells Could Make Plastic Surgery Safer Stem Cells Could Make Plastic Surgery Safer

Stem Cells Could Make Plastic Surgery Safer

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Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular in recent years, with breast and butt augmentations especially trendy. But developments in stem cell research could permanently change the concept of cosmetic surgery.

Researchers in England say they’ve found a way to use a combination of a patient’s stomach fat cells and stem cells to perform augmentations like penis, breast, and buttock enlargements. The stem cells would serve as a replacement for silicon and other fillers. In doing so, researchers believe surgeons could provide a safer alternative to traditional procedures.

By mixing stem cells with fat cells, the procedure would reduce the risk of complications such as the leaks seen with breast implants. Since the augmentation is produced by a person’s own cells, it would serve as a natural way to alter the way someone looks. By using the body’s own cells, the patient also reduces the risk of the body rejecting the implant. This type of procedure could be especially helpful in penile enlargement surgeries. It can be risky to use foreign materials for that type of procedure.

However, stem cell research has long dealt with criticism and public scrutiny. The FDA has warned American patients to carefully research any stem cell-related procedures before signing up for them.

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