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Mini Nuclear Reactors Could Provide Power on Mars Mini Nuclear Reactors Could Provide Power on Mars

Mini Nuclear Reactors Could Provide Power on Mars

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NASA continues to try to find ways that man could set up a permanent home on Mars, but there are many challenges related to taking up residence on the Red Planet. But new research into a possible power source could solve one of the main problems with long-term residency there.

In order to live on Mars, explorers will need an electricity source, but setting up a power station on the planet would be complicated, especially without the supplies and equipment necessary. New research from NASA has discovered a potential answer to that in the form of small nuclear reactors. Called the kilopower reactor, these devices would provide enough power for settlers to set up a home on the planet.

The reactor has enough juice to generate up to 10 kilowatts of power for two households for as long as ten years. That’s enough power to provide the average electricity those families would use on a daily basis. Early tests on a prototype for the power generators began late last year and have so far been successes.

The generators would need to not only output sufficient energy long-term, but they would also need to be strong enough to survive the extreme environmental conditions that may be seen on Mars. The design of the kilopower reactor makes it possible for areas of the planet with less-than-ideal conditions, such as the northern latitudes where water may be found.

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