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Peruvian Billboard Cleans the Air -- And Sends a Message Peruvian Billboard Cleans the Air -- And Sends a Message

Peruvian Billboard Cleans the Air -- And Sends a Message

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The World Health Organization says that the city of Lima, Peru, is the second-most polluted metropolis in Latin America. To remind Lima's residents and visitors of that fact, ad agency McCann Lima partnered with Calidda, a gas company in Peru, to create a campaign that uses the city's own air pollution.

The campaign, billed as ‘Lima Is Talking,’ gathers air pollution samples as a way of demonstrating the potential hazards of automobile pollution as well as the upsides of using natural gas.

The project included a billboard that used air pollution to generate a sobering message. CO2 pollution was collected by a special device, which subsequently broke it down into a powdery substance. As part of the breakdown process, the powder served as a kind of ink that could then be transformed into lettering on the blank billboard located in one of Lima's higher traffic areas.

15 days later, the billboard displayed the completed message: “It takes me a lot to breathe.”

The project was picked up on video and propagated throughout several social media platforms. Influencers and press were sent packages of the air pollution powder; the public was also invited to strike up a discussion about Lima’s terrible air pollution.

“With this initiative, we wanted to raise awareness around air pollution and engage citizens in the pursuit of solutions. Besides, we offer the natural gas option as a less polluting fuel,” Amadeo Arraste, Calidda’s regulation director, told The Drum.

Mauricio Fernández-Maldonado, creative EVP for McCann Lima, added, “The outdoor was installed in one of Lima’s busiest traffic points, Abancay Avenue, so that we could reach the largest possible audience, while showing the concrete result of fossil fuels.”

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