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Video Claims to Show Evidence of Crashed UFO on Mars Video Claims to Show Evidence of Crashed UFO on Mars

Video Claims to Show Evidence of Crashed UFO on Mars

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Some believe that UFOs regularly light up the night sky, with videos often surfacing on sites like YouTube to support that theory. But another segment of the population is doubtful, considering such reports nothing more than strange theories.

However, a new video appearing on YouTube purports to show a crashed UFO on Mars, saying it was dented and banged up, but visible nonetheless. True to conspiracy theories surrounding UFOs, the video claims our government knows about the crashed craft and is covering it up.

Also mentioned in the video is an earlier sighting in California, near the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake. A man anonymously identifying himself as “Keith Bradshaw” claims to have captured images of a strange object earlier this year, but he was afraid to show those pictures until now. Bradshaw said he spent ten minutes watching the object wobble, rise to a certain position, then drop back to the ground again. According to Bradshaw, there were other vehicles nearby, including a military helicopter that was circling the object. He even believes that those inside the helicopter may have been manipulating it via some type of device.

Bradshaw claims to have turned the images over to a UFO investigator named Philip Mantle. Mantle called the photos the most controversial UFO images in existence.

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