Tuesday, 06 February 2018 00:00

Using AR to Visualize Dental Procedures

Options available for dental patients with needed restorative or serious cosmetic work abound. But one difficulty inherent in the process is trying to envision what those new choppers will actually look like once they're manufactured and installed into your (likely) re-excavated mouth. Worse, some patients catch a glimpse of the prep work being done, which sometimes can make a challenged smile look worse before it looks better.

And molds and casts can only do so much. After all, what people want to see is how the new dental work will look in their mouth, not on a disembodied model.

Now, though, a Swiss startup called Kapanu has chosen to use augmented reality (AR) to show patients the "after" look before the prep work begins.

Here's how it works: The system matches a 3D scan of the patient's mouth with sets of teeth from other people where the procedures are known to have had success. As soon as the software homes in on the patent’s mouth and teeth, it then places a layer of the improved teeth onto the image.

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