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Vending Machines for Homeless Launch in U.K.

Action Hunger is self-described as "a charity with a new approach to combating homelessness."

Part of that approach is distributing and maintaining vending machines that provide free clothing and food in various places all over the United Kingdom.

Items distributed by the machines include energy bars, chocolate, sandwiches, water, fresh fruit, and crisps, as well as antibacterial lotion, books, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste combination packs, sanitary towels, and books. Much of the food gathered by Action Hunger comes from organizations that wish to find effective ways to reduce food waste.

Only those in need have permission to access the machines by the use of a special key card given out by Action Hunger's partner organizations.

The group's web page says, "At the most elementary level, Action Hunger's machines provide access for the most vulnerable in our society to satiate the most basic of needs — that of sustenance."

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That 2 p.m. trip to the office vending machine just got a little less fun. Thanks to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), vending machines will be required to display calorie counts for all items by the end of the year. If the information isn't printed on the front of an item's packaging, vending machine suppliers must post a sticker on the outside of the machine letting shoppers know the count.

While larger vendors are expected to lend machine distributors a hand by printing calorie counts on the front of packages, smaller snack manufacturers will likely be unable to afford to make such a widespread change initially. Since snack packagers aren't required by law to post calories on the front of each bag, the brunt of the responsibility will initially fall to the various companies responsible for keeping each machine stocked.

Published in Our Blog
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