Bicycles are a healthy, environmentally-friendly way to go short distances. But they have one major weakness when compared to taking a motorized vehicle. Aside from a backpack or trunk bag, there’s no way to carry purchases, and some items are too big or heavy for either of those carrier types.

Enter TReGo, a trolley that attaches to your bike to carry up to 40 pounds. Launched as a Kickstarter campaign, TReGo has a patented connector that replaces the bike’s front wheel. This means the trolley can be disconnected in a matter of seconds, then easily reconnected whenever you’re ready to go shopping again. This easy disconnect also makes it a breeze to transport your items once you arrive home.

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Bikes are a popular mode of transportation in big cities, where getting around in vehicles can be taxing. But some still prefer walking over cycling, even though it adds extra time to get from Point A to B.

Thanks to a new electric bike, walkers can have the best of both worlds. Instead of pedaling to get where you want to go, the Lopifit lets you walk on a treadmill while the wheels move you forward. Powered by a 350W lithium-ion battery, you can cross 30 to 50 miles or more with each charge, making it ideal for getting around your city each day.

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Sunday, 16 November 2014 00:00

Vision of the Future Includes Flying Cars

While sci-fi movies and books have long envisioned a future with flying cars, personal air vehicles are still more dream than reality. Even with the many technological advancements our generation has seen, however, cars still remain fully grounded, with drivers forced to deal with increasing traffic congestion in many major metropolitan areas.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Associate Professor Missy Cummings believes the near future will see consumers owning a vehicle that is part plane and part car. This will happen thanks to technology that merges the much-buzzed-about drone with a robotic car to give drivers the ability to transition from one to another seamlessly. As a result, though, Cummings believes consumers will be left with a vehicle that is neither car nor plane completely, but a computerized version of the transportation we have today.

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