Customers seem to rely less on email than ever, instead getting texting and tweeting with friends and family members. For that reason, it’s no surprise that marketers have begun to move away from email as a way to bombard customers with marketing messages.

According to Symantec, spam email levels have reached a 12-year low, noting that less than half of the emails it scanned in June were junk mail. However, as spam email levels have dropped, new malware levels seem to be rising, putting customers at greater risk than ever. The increase in ransomware has been especially alarming, with Symantec reporting about 500,000 of these types of attacks in June alone.

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Since the advent of cell phones, airline passengers have been told they must turn their phones off while in flight. Cell phones, regulators said, interfere with an airplane's ability to communicate with towers. In recent years, the rules have relaxed, with many passengers finding they can fire up their mobile devices once a plane is in the air.

Regulators are now pushing to have the rules on cell phone use during flight relaxed altogether. However, at the same time the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is working to remove the bans, the Department of Transportation is working to ensure phone calls from mobile devices are formally banned during flights. The reason? Multiple passengers talking throughout flights will result in a noise nuisance.

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We've all seen the videos of people unsuccessfully trying to walk and text at the same time. With a new patent filed by Apple, the days of falling into fountains may be  numbered. The patent, which was filed in late March with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, mentions technology that will allow texters to see what's ahead while texting.

The technology would use the iPhone's rear-facing camera to capture an image of the area in front of the user. Instead of seeing a white background behind text conversations, texters would see that projection, giving them a better view of potential obstacles as they type. Once available, the feature will require users to change a setting on their phones to activate it.

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