The benefits of natural light are such that humans generally like enjoying as much of it as they can without getting overexposed or burned.

For those whose access to sunlight is limited or possibly even prevented, there's now a device that is said to have the ability to reproduce the warmth and light of the sun in any space.

CoeLux, a tech startup based in Italy, has come up with an optical system that can copy the color and warmth of sunlight as well as the movement of the sun throughout the day.

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When new technology is introduced, the vast majority of consumers seem inclined to dismiss it. "That'll never take off," people say, waving away enthusiasts' attempts to champion it. Some of the most revolutionary ideas were initially seen as silly by consumers.

Google Glass seems to be facing a similar fate. Instead of embracing the many potential uses for wearable technology, naysayers have honed in on its potential abuses, using fear as a reason not to consider giving it a try. Wearers of the device have been given nicknames like "glassholes" and one woman was even ticketed for wearing a pair while driving.

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Saturday, 05 October 2013 00:00

Canadian Parents Toss All Post-1986 Technology

The McMillan family of Guelph, Ontario, wants to create space for family bonding. Which, according to parents Blair and Morgan, means eliminating technical devices invented after 1986.

Why 1986? That's the year Blair and Morgan were born. So, like any responsible parents would, the couple wants their own children to experience what it was like to grow up the way they did. Which would be an even scarier idea had Blair and Morgan been born a few years earlier, when disco and funk were king.

The experiment goes beyond technology. Blair has taken to wearing a mullet. So have his children, ages 5 and 2. One saving grace: The kids are way too young to let any of this hit them too hard. And come next April, the McMillans will revert to the modern world once more. Because, as every parent knows, maintaining a value system for a whole year will stick with the children for a lifetime. Especially when they become teenagers.

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