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Stem Cells Could Make Plastic Surgery Safer

Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular in recent years, with breast and butt augmentations especially trendy. But developments in stem cell research could permanently change the concept of cosmetic surgery.

Researchers in England say they’ve found a way to use a combination of a patient’s stomach fat cells and stem cells to perform augmentations like penis, breast, and buttock enlargements. The stem cells would serve as a replacement for silicon and other fillers. In doing so, researchers believe surgeons could provide a safer alternative to traditional procedures.

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A stroke can render someone unable to use part or all of the body, getting in the way of living a productive life. But new experiments using stem cells may change all of that. A team at the Stanford University School of Medicine has found that through the use of stem cells, they’re able to help stroke patients walk again.

The team first drilled a hole into each patient’s brain, then injected stem cells into the indentation they created. After trying the process on 18 patients, the researchers found that they were able to restore motor function for each of the participants.

Published in Our Blog
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