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Earth’s Oxygen Found on the Moon

Recent moon exploration has brought questions about whether there might have once been life on the planet. A Japanese spacecraft has discovered oxygen on the moon and have identified it as originating on Earth.

The discovery led one astrobiologist to theorize that there may be fossil organisms on the moon’s surface. The astrobiologist, Caleb Scharf, was not involved in the research into the discovery of oxygen, but he spoke following the oxygen discovery.

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Since Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet, the world of space has been constantly abuzz over the possibility of a ninth planet in our Solar System. While trying to disprove the existence of a ninth planet in 2016, scientists actually realized they might have discovered one quite a distance from Pluto. There have been other instances of possible ninth-planet sightings, although none have been confirmed to date.

The most recent possibility exists in the Kuiper belt, a ring-shaped accumulation of matter within our Solar System. Researchers at the University of Arizona have spotted mysterious movement within the belt that they believe could point to a previously-undiscovered planet.

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Mankind is always on the lookout for habitable planets, with Mars being the one hope in this solar system. However, a new study finds that we might not have to rely on the status quo. In fact, scientists believe volcanoes could turn a previously uninhabitable planet into one that could sustain life.

The science behind the study relies on the heat a volcano could bring to a frozen planet. The ice that forms on planets without a nearby star as a heat source has always made it unlivable. But one volcano could melt some of that ice, leading to an environment that could sustain life.

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