An estimated 350 million people across the globe suffer from depression, making it a leading cause of disability. For the many people now active on social media, that brings a real possibility that at least a few of the posts each day are uploaded by someone who suffers from the disease. While many will never outwardly state what they’re feeling, the photos they upload may be a dead giveaway.

The study used artificial intelligence to sort through Instagram posts and identify depressed people based solely on the filters they used. The software had an accuracy of 70 percent. General practitioners can accurately diagnose depression at a rate of only 42 percent.

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Thursday, 12 September 2013 00:00

It's Official: Twerking is a Word

Just as Miley Cyrus was teaching the adult population what the word "twerking" meant, the Oxford Dictionary announced the word had officially made it onto its online edition. Twerk, according to the official definition, means to "dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner..." While the word has been recently attributed to Miley Cyrus, it actually has been a part of hip hop culture since the 1990s, according to Oxford. The dictionary theorizes that the word likely was created as a variation of the word "work."

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Never underestimate technology – or kids. Recently a group of high school students from Kansas City, Missouri defied their pasts as at-risk kids to convert an old car into an electric car powered completely by social media.

According to Forbes, the car isn't literally powered by social media. Yet if you're on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, those following MindDrive on Twitter provided the car 5 watts of social fuel. Facebook fueled the car 1 watt, while watching their YouTube powered the electric car with 3 watts.

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