Drivers of cars in India should no longer have to be concerned about forgetting their driver's licenses or registration paperwork.

The Indian government recently announced that it would permit citizens to upload their driver/car information to DigiLocker, the government's secure storage in the cloud. Traffic police will reportedly honor those digital files as they would hard copies.

According to a report from Mashable, people who want to use the cloud feature will have to first install the DigiLocker app on their smartphones, while also linking their phone number with the app. On the other end of the connection, officials will have the capability to take a look at and verify documents from the National Register of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

By including driver license and registration information in DigiLocker, Indian government officials can expand the service, which was launched in 2015 to permit citizens to store other documents -- such as college diplomas, voter ID cards, and a Permanent Account Number (PAN) -- in the cloud.

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Sunday, 23 March 2014 00:00

Good Vibrations Could Charge Your Phone

Ever left your smartphone in a console between the front two car seats, only to despair upon arriving at your destination that you forgot to plug it in to the charging cord?

With the help of a recently developed contraption, dubbed the "nanogenerator," you might not need to worry about remembering to plug in the cord. Or even to buy a special pad to wirelessly charge your device. The nanogenerator, when built into your phone, could save your battery from drain.

The invention is built out of a chemical polymer that makes electricity when subjected to stress. However, the polymer is ordinary very rigid. In order to take advantage of vibrations that would generate enough phone-charging power, scientists deposited nanoparticles of zinc oxide onto an ultra-thin layer of polymer. Then, the scientists removed those particles, leaving the pores that housed them. The result was a more sponge-like surface that, inserted between a pair of thin electrode sheets, could flex and generate electricity even when subjected to minimal vibrations.

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Sunday, 22 September 2013 00:00

Samsung Launches Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

The wearable device is expected to be available on September 25 for $299, the company recently announced.

The move is seen by many as Samsung's attempt to lead the market rather than follow it, thereby changing the company's reputation as a "me too" tech maker.

The Galaxy Gear will have the capability to run Android-based apps and also interact with any of Samsung's smartphones. The anticipated launch date will beat Apple to the market. However, questions are already being raised about the device's technical limitations. Will consumers plunk down nearly $300 for a watch that has a relatively small screen and only functions when paired with one family of phones?

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