If sci-fi adventure films teach us anything, it’s that technology can easily go awry. Jurassic Park is a prime example of that, since the manmade dinosaurs that populated the fictional park in the movie and book ended up going on attack. But that doesn’t stop scientists from giving it a try in real life.

The Northern-Eastern Federal University of Yakutsk has requested $5.9 million to create a facility that would clone recently-unearthed corpses preserved in permafrost. These creatures have been preserved from the Ice Age, making them fascinating to study. However, the facility would create living, breathing clones.

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About a year ago, Qualcomm announced a $10 million competition designed to produce a real-life version of the Tricorder -- a device, known to fans of the American television series "Star Trek", that could instantly diagnose the medical condition of, say, Mr. Spock or Captain Kirk, merely by being waved in either character's general direction. According to Qualcomm, the winning device, expected in about 2 or 3 years, will be "capable of capturing key health metrics and diagnosing a set of 15 diseases." 

Published in Our Blog
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