The race is on to find a way to save the planet from climate change, so it’s no surprise that scientists are looking at natural processes for answers. The latest innovation has to do with the way leaves create oxygen and energy through photosynthesis.

A team of researchers at the University of Chicago have been working to develop an artificial leaf that can emulate this natural process. They believe the leaf they’ve created would be even better than a natural leaf, proving 10 times more efficient than natural leaves at converting CO2.

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Lately, the news regarding climate change has been dire. But researchers have come up with an unconventional plan to slow down global warming’s effects on Earth’s atmosphere. It involves tossing sulfates in the stratosphere in an effort to dim the sun.

There are several issues with this plan, though. The first is cost. The team estimates that it would cost $2.25 billion a year for the first 15 years. A second issue is the fact that there simply is no aircraft that could get the sulfates where they need to go. In order to make that happen, someone would have to build a specialized high-altitude tanker, which would then need to take about 4,000 flights every year. That number would increase linearly each year, the scientists believe.

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Monday, 26 February 2018 00:00

Solar Cooling Could Begin in 2020

By 2050, the sun is expected to be seven percent cooler, a process that could begin as early as 2020. The process, called solar cooling, is caused by a periodic event known as a grand minimum and experts say there’s no reason for concern.

The most recent grand minimum occurred in the mid-1600s and was called the Maunder Minimum. It happened during a time when parts of the Earth reached temperatures that led to the period being called the Little Ice Age, which started in 1300 and lasted until 1850. The cooling was not uniform across the planet, with Europe cooling while areas like Alaska experienced warmer weather.

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