There’s a world going on beneath the Earth’s surface that we haven’t even been aware of until now. As a recent report from a group of scientists reveals, there is an ecosystem underneath the ground we walk on, known as the “deep biosphere.” It goes to the core of the Earth and consists primarily of bacteria and microbes.

Perhaps most surprisingly, the team found that the combined weight of all of this life is hundreds of times heavier than the weight of all humans living on Earth combined. The researchers discovered there are between 16.5 to 25 billion tons of these microorganism existing beneath the Earth’s surface.

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Saturday, 27 January 2018 00:00

Could a Newly-Discovered Stone Be from Space?

Generally, when geologists find rocks and stones, they can immediately identify them. Even if they aren’t familiar with a discovery, they can trace it to something found in the immediate area. But a pebble recovered more than two decades ago in Egypt so far doesn’t match anything previously found in our solar system.

The pebble, named the Hypatia stone, has been studied extensively over the years, with scientists announcing in 2013 that it had not come from Earth. This was based on the compounds found on the stone, which can’t be traced to anything on our surface.

Published in Our Blog
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